Inestia forms the business colaboration of companies dominating the investment and hotel sector, which develops and operates high quality hotels, while transferring the experience, expertise and capability, making it accessible to those investors and operators in the hospitality industry, who aim at developing new hotel units and redefining existing ones.

Inestia hotels differentiate from the rest of the competition by their outmost focus on the guest and his needs, setting them at the center of business activity, continuously updating the procedures and operations of each hotel, based on the guests’ demands and the developments in the tourism industry.

All the services offered by Inestia consist a holistic view of running a hotel from the investment stage, construction, design and organization to the point of management, control and redesign.

Inestia is the reliable option that can guarantee a sustainable development of the hotel business driven by profitability and ensure a modern and high quality hotel product, and at the same time protecting the investment of every business partner.